English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Old Rum 40% 70cl


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English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Old Rum is a premium rum produced by The Antigua Distillery Ltd. (ADL). It is produced from molasses and aged for 10 years in in used whisky and Bourbon barrels.

The Antigua Distillery Limited was established in 1932 by a group of eight local businessman and has since become one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers known for its production of high-quality rums. In 1933 the company was granted a lease from the Antiguan goverment for Rat Island in St. John’s harbour where they distillery woud be established. This gave them complete control of the distillation process, selling bulk rum to its shareholders by allotment. The next significant moment came in 1943 with the purchase of the Montpellier sugar estate and neighbouring lands, totalling 2500 acres of cane field  which gave group complete control over the quality of their molasses as well. From the 1950s onwars the distillery produced rums under the Cavalier brand. The first “English Harbour” rum was released in 1990. The first English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Old Rum was released in 2006. 

The distillery began life with a 4 column copper Savalle still from France. This was eventually replaced with a 3-column pure copper still from John Dore & Co., England, which then modified on site to simulate 5 columns. This spirit is drawn off at a strength of approximately 95% alcohol. The disitllery matures rum in used 200L American bourbon barrels which are charred on the inside to give extra depth of flavour to the rum and a handful of oak chips is added to each cask to enhance the interaction of oak and rum. ADL blends its rum in relatively small batches of 8000 litres in order to achieve consistency of taste. Barrels are selected from batches of the same year, and the rum is poured into a large wooden blending vat that is made from the same oak as the barrels. The blend is checked, reduced to 40% ABV with pure water,  filtered and then bottled.

English Harbour Rum is named after the historic English Harbour area in Antigua, which was once a bustling naval base for the British Royal Navy. The rum brand pays homage to Antigua’s maritime heritage and the tradition of rum production on the island.

Tasting Notes

From the distillery:

Lightly heavier in flavuor and taste than the five year old rum. Initially soft and closed. The smoky oak flavors are well balanced with citrus, dried fruits, vanilla and burnt sugar notes. Coconut, cinnamon and tropical florals on the aroma prepare you for butterscotch in the initial taste followed by a touch of thick coffee and baked apple in the viscous mouth feel.

Smoky cedar in the body lasts through the finish and opens beautifully revealing hints of spice – cardamom, menthol, rosemary, caramel and ripe blackberries.


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